Numerus User Dashboard

Your experience begins on your Numerus™ User Dashboard. This page is comprised of informational and navigational portlets, giving you easy access to the most commonly used features of Numerus™.

Numerus User Dashboard

Entities By Region

Entities by Region provides a tabulation of the number of entities in each of the major economic regions of the world. These numbers update in real-time as our database is updated.

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Numerus User Dashboard - Entities by Region

Help & Support

Support Videos are provided to acquaint the user with the many features of Numerus™. Most of these videos are under 3 minutes and will brief you on the primary intended use of the feature.

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Numerus User Dashboard - Support Videos

Search Industry Data

With Search Industry Data you can quickly search by entity, part, process or material name.

On the tabs, you can review your recent searches, favorite searches and searches we’ve suggested.

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Numerus User Dashboard - Search Industry Data

Shared Lists

Shared Lists have been compiled by Elm Analytics as a service to Numerus™ users. These lists will change in response to global and industry events and the mood or whim of our analysts.

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Numerus User Dashboard - Shared Lists

My Entities

If you've been granted ownership of one or more company profiles, the My Entities portlet will summarize the status of each company's profile and provide a shortcut to the profile editor.

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Numerus User Dashboard - My Entities

Recently Viewed

The Recently Viewed portlet lists the name and provides a shortcut to the profiles of the companies you've viewed.

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Numerus User Dashboard - Recently Viewed


The Announcements portlet provides shortcuts to notices authored by both the network services and marketing wonks at Elm Analytics.

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Numerus User Dashboard - Application Announcements

My Lists

Both basic and premium subscribers have the ability to build lists of companies based on search results, uploaded lists or individual selections. My Lists provides a shortcut to your most used lists.

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Numerus User Dashboard - My Lists
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