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Comprehensive Supply Chain Resilience.

supplyAware™ sets the standard for next-generation supply chain risk management.

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Navigating the complexities of today's supply chain management is no small task.

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However, with supplyAware™, it doesn't have to be overwhelming.


We offer a transformative solution that simplifies and elevates your supply chain operations.


Combining cutting-edge technology with deep industry knowledge, supplyAware™ empowers you to make smart, timely decisions.

Dive into the Capabilities of our Essential Tools:

Supply Chain Mapping

Embark on a journey of ease and precision charting your supply chain with our innovative Supply Chain Mapping tools.

This module's advanced features provides enhanced visibility, real-time alerts, and the power of AI and machine learning, helping you stay one step ahead of potential disruptions.

Financial Risk Assessment

Command your supply chain's financial resilience like never before.

Our Financial Risk Assessment tool enables you to identify early warning signs of potential financial risks, paving the way for preemptive action to ensure your supply chain remains robust and efficient.

Why Choose supplyAware™?

From end-to-end awareness to superior risk management, supplyAware™ offers a wide array of features designed to turbocharge your supply chain operations.

With our solution, you can streamline your processes, gain peace of mind, and enhance your business resilience.

You already have enough to worry about...

That's why we've designed supplyAware™ to:


Recognize the importance of your time

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Keep your data protected and confidential


Equip you with tools that are both efficient and effective


Offer support for all manufacturers, regardless of their scale


Promote equal treatment and protection for every participant

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