Rapidly and inexpensively deployed supply chain mapping and risk assessment for a single plant or an entire enterprise.

supplyAware™ is a cloud-based platform that provides an efficient infrastructure for mapping manufacturing supply chains.

It employs a unique, Semi-Transparent Supplyâ„¢, approach that delivers greater visibility to supply networks while respecting each supplier's need for secrecy.

It facilitates the symmetric exchange of mission-critical knowledge that enables the manufacturer's entire supply network to greatly improve their risk mitigation and disruption response capabilities.

The automotive industry has no broadly accepted method to identify, quantify and qualify risk.

Without the ability to measure risk, it is very difficult to predict when and how a supply chain will fail (likelihood) and at what cost (impact).

As a result of the interdependency of automotive supply chains at tier, failures caused by mismanagement by one manufacturer can dramatically impact another.

These conditions represent both risk and opportunity for the manufacturer

The system employs a methodological approach to risk assessment incorporating:

  • Baseline Manufacturing Risk
  • Point-to-Point Transportation Risk
  • Country Risk
  • Climate and Geological Risk
  • Market Risk
  • Sub-tier Supplier Risk

Data collected from Original Equipment Supplier (OES) and sub-tier suppliers is used to refine each site assessment:

  • Core profile information
  • Operational readiness and capacity utilization data
  • Countermeasures or mitigating factors
  • List of direct suppliers

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Download the supplyAware overview PDF. Download the supplyAware™ Overview PDF.