Elm Analytics LLC and its parent company, Edict Inc, provide scalable, intelligently responsive enterprise solutions.

What We've Done

Elm Analytics has experience providing simple, elegant solutions that enable visibility across the multiple tiers of complex domestic and international supply chains. Through various projects we've created easy to use analytic tools that deliver multi-tier supply chain mapping, identification of single points of failure, and monitoring of events that can disrupt operations.

Top 5 Automotive OEM

Aggregated internal data from 20+ discrete systems

Monthly reporting via a scorecard ranking suppliers by operational, financial and strategic risk

Segmented reporting to benchmark suppliers against peers

Tailored solutions for bill of material management supplier consolidation, bank build management, tool & asset audits

Top 5 Automotive OEM

Aggregated income statement and balance sheet data from top supplier

Produced real-time scorecard assessing financial viability of supplier

Segmented reporting supporting benchmarking of suppliers against peers

Case File management to track progress on risk mitigation activities

Top 5 Automotive OEM

Aggregate financial and operational data top suppliers

Aggregate internal operational and strategic data

Real-time scorecards ranking suppliers by operational, financial and strategic risk

Suppliers offered choice of online data entry of offline XLS template

Tailored integration with internal risk management soltions

Automotive Tier 1-2 Supplier

Quarterly import of active customers

Matching existing customers by like characteristics to prospect customers

Ranked prospect lists provided to sales managers for new business development

Monthly training and process improvement meeting with select power users

Heavy Equipment OEM

Aggregate financial, operational and sales data from national dealer network

Data uploaded via offline XLS template

Scorecard financial risk and operational performance

Ad hoc reporting environment available to OEM and dealer administrators