Elm Analytics LLC is a leading provider of automotive industry intelligence and data. Whether you are looking to source a part, process or material, or want to market to automotive industry manufacturers and service providers, you will find a rich, well-maintained data base that can be easily searched with intuitive tools.

We continuously raise the bar on the quality of supply chain data that includes contact information, plant locations, parts manufactured, manufacturing processes, and materials. The result is the Elm Guide to Automotive Sourcing, a web-based service that gives visibility detailed profiles of more than 30,000 companies, nation-wide and globally.

If you have any questions or comments, or would like to know more about Elm Analytics, or our automotive supplier database, please use our online contact form.

Our Data Philosophy

  1. Accurate data shared bi-laterally between trading partners is a requirement of doing profitable, sustainable business.
  2. Analysis performed or decisions made in the absence of accurate data is toxic to companies, industries, governments and media.
  3. Gathering and maintaining quality data is not a part time job it requires considerable technical skill, ingenuity and persistence.
  4. The quality of data will almost always be subverted if done by those responsible for analyzing the data.
  5. Stakeholders that invest their time and resources in maintaining the Industry’s Store of Data must receive a return on their investment.


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Legal Stuff

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