Numerus Enterprise

Numerus Enterprise offers a fully-customizable solution tailored to the specific needs of your company. Our enterprise features are "must-haves" for a wide-range of problems confronting organizations managing complex, global, supply chains.

Integrate Your Own Data

Enterprise customers can define proprietary Data Packages that become part of their extended supply-base’s entity profile. Data gathered from these suppliers is the property of the enterprise customer and will never be shared with others.

Effeciently Obtain Data From Customers and Suppliers

The Enterprise Worksheet Manager supports more structured acquisition of data from the enterprise customer’s direct suppliers. Large volumes of complex data (income statements, balance sheets, tooling inventory, etc.) can be efficiently aggregated using Excel™ templates populated by the supplier and uploaded into the worksheet manager.

Enterprise Class Features

Each user in your organization will be licensed for a Numerus Premium subscription. Enterprise users also enjoy the ability to share views and lists between individuals and groups of users.