Supply Chain Diagram of manufacturers and logistics.

Identify opportunity and risk with confidence.

supplyAware™ is a revolutionary supply chain mapping and analytics service.

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Don't worry about your budget

Your team can rapidly and inexpensively map all of your supply chains at no cost.

And if they are the analytical type, a month of Premium service is about the same as buying them lunch.

Protect Your Data And Relationships

Your relationships are your competitive advantage.

supplyAware™ keeps your supply chain data confidential.

Your customers will never see your list of suppliers.

Save Time And Money Identifying Risk

Sleep easier at night... maybe even sleep in.

supplyAware™ maps your supply chains so that you can respond quickly to problems you can't see.

From a single manufacturing site to an entire enterprise, supplyAware™ has you covered.

So, what do I have to do?

Complete your manufacturing site's profile to showcase your capabilities and win new business.
Then securely upload a list of your suppliers. You'll instantly have access to powerful mapping tools that expose geographic and environmental risks.
Next, the supplyAware™ Engagement Team looks at the quality of each supplier's information. They correct and expand the data. You'll get a clean profile of each supplier and their capabilities.
supplyAware™ reaches out to each of your suppliers. They are offered free access to get started with the same mapping and analytics services.

This process of engagement is repeated,
working down, through your entire supply chain.

supplyAware™ can only make your organization look better.

What is this going to cost?

Nada. Zip. Zilch. Nothing.

You don't even need a credit card.

So, go ahead. Add your suppliers. Kick the tires.

If you're interested in advanced reporting, set your team up with a Premium subscription.

Otherwise, you'll be able to use supplyAware™ at no charge for as long as you like.

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