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Build A Financially Resilient Network Of Suppliers.

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Navigate financial resilience.

Welcome to the future of supply chain management.

With Elm Analytics' supplyAware™, you gain a powerful ally to navigate the complex terrain of supplier financial risk assessment.

This turn-key service is your comprehensive solution for monitoring the financial health of your supply base, offering you insights like never before.

Identify and correct structural weaknesses.

Our state-of-the-art predictive analytics help you stay ahead of the curve, identifying suppliers likely to face financial issues.

We enable you to respond more quickly and effectively to supply chain crises.

By identifying and correcting structural weaknesses in your supply chain, we help you prevent any potential operational disruptions.

A foundation of expertise.

Built on a Foundation of Expertise

With decades of experience serving the largest automakers globally, our supply chain expertise is unmatched.

supplyAware™ brings world-class risk management to your doorstep, providing a highly efficient and cost-effective solution suitable for companies of all sizes.

With our solution, you can streamline your processes, gain peace of mind, and enhance your business resilience.

Concierge-level service and security.

Hassle-free Integration

Starting with supplyAware™ is as simple as uploading a list of your target suppliers.

We handle the rest.

Our Engagement Specialists work with your suppliers in confidence to securely provide crucial information.

We validate and cleanse your supplier data, ensuring quality and accuracy for better decision-making.

Detailed Supply Chain Financial Analytics

A Unique Approach to Supplier Risk Management

Our proprietary algorithms, born from decades of industry experience, assess a supplier's financial health.

We focus on key indicators such as liquidity, leverage, and profitability.

We provide detailed analytics on high-risk "Red" suppliers, delivering detailed reports and fresh insights into these companies.

The Mising Piece.

The Missing Piece in Your Supply Chain Strategy

If your company doesn't have a robust supplier financial assessment solution in place, you're facing unnecessary risk.

Our platform offers real-time monitoring crafted from years of industry experience.

supplyAware™ overcomes the two most significant hurdles in implementing such a system:

  1. cost
  2. resources

supplyAware™ offers you and your suppliers a level of visibility to your supply chains that has previously been unreachable.

By empowering them to better manage their supply chains, you've strengthed yours.

Take the Next Step with supplyAware™ Premium

While our free subscription provides a solid foundation for supplier financial health tracking, supplyAware™ Premium unlocks an array of advanced features designed to deliver deeper insights and superior control over your supply chain.

Let's explore how stepping up to Premium can take your supplier financial risk assessment to the next level.

Our Premium features include Elm Financial Ratings (EFR) for each of your suppliers, comprehensive financial metrics, and intricate analyses on your suppliers' fiscal health.

We highlight and track suppliers showing signs of financial stress and provide detailed reports with insightful commentary, suggested talking points, and essential follow-up items.

Stay ahead with our Movement Reports that identify significant changes in supplier resiliency, tracking suppliers who have improved or declined. Access a complete financial snapshot with Composite Financials, including Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Statement of Cash Flows.

Premium also features an expansive Resource Library with Situation Playbooks and critical reports like the Supplier Engagement Report and Onboarding Reports, essential tools for understanding supplier relationships.

For a comprehensive comparison of what's included in our free and premium tiers, refer to the table below.

Plan Premium Free
Financial Resilience
Concierge Level Service
Secure Data Upload
Data Augmentation
Profile Information
Unlimited Sites (Locations generating Purchase Orders)
Extensive Site Profile
Customized Fiscal Calendar
Site Contacts
Unlimited Suppliers
Unlimited Customers
Elm Financial Rating (EFR)
Purchase Order Site Ratings (EFR)
Supplier Financial Ratings (EFR)
Scores for EFR drivers (Leverage, Liquidity, Profitability)
Supplier Dependence Rating
Reporting on Financially Stressed Suppliers (Red)
Analyst Commentary
3rd Party Commentary
Suggested Talking Points
Follow-up items
Revenue Composition
Key Financial Metrics
Composite Financials
Balance Sheet
Income Statement
Statement of Cash Flows
Excel Export
Historic Data and Trends
Resource Library
Situation Playbooks
Supply Base Reports
Supplier Engagement Report
Supplier Dependency (Annual Purchase Volumes > 35% of Supplier Revenue)
Critical Suppliers Report (Red Suppliers, Bottom 5 Yellow)
Movement Reports
Suppliers Removed From Red List (Change in Elm Resiliency Rating, Cause)
Top 5 Decliners by Last Reported Elm Resiliency Rating
Top 5 Improvers by Last Reported Elm Resiliency Rating
Top 5 Suppliers by Last Reported Elm Resiliency Rating
Bottom 5 Suppliers by Last Reported Elm Resiliency Rating
Onboarding Reports
Supplier Onboarding Engagement
Premium Free

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