Numerus Basic

A subscription service offering online access to automotive profiles for automotive-related facilities worldwide.

Numerus Basic

Numerus Basic is our entry-level online subscription service offering access to the entity profiles for thousands of automotive-related facilities worldwide. A powerful Entity Search feature allows the user to identify companies matching almost any combination of the hundreds of attributes contained in our database. The Entity Summary interface provides a concise overview of each company’s capabilities, environment, market, competitors, news and contact.

Our services are continually evolving and new capabilities are added with each new release.

What You Get

A Numerus Basic subscription includes the following:

  • Access to thousands of automotive supplier profiles
  • Real-Time news and headlines related to the automotive industry
  • Use our powerful ListBuilder tool to manage up to three custom lists, each containing up to 100 companies
  • Search using any of the data attributes we collect, such as: geographic region, entity type, manufacturing capacity, and more
  • FREE & Friendly customer support Mon-Fri, 9-5 EST
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