Your company's presence in the ELM Guide to Automotive Sourcing ensures that the numerous companies and organizations using it are getting the most current information about your organization.

The ELM GuideMe Program allows you to register your company with the ELM Guide. If you believe that your company is already in the ELM Guide or if you would like it to be included, please enter your information in the form below.

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ELM Emails You a Confirmation

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You may also call Elm Analytics at (248) 660-9356 and register for the GuideMe Program.

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  • Your company’s main telephone number. (We are looking for a number that we can verify against public records.)
  • If you are a subsidiary of another company, the name of the company that is your immediate Parent. If your facility is a Joint Venture of two or more firms we’d like to know the percentage owned by each member.

1 Once you are accepted, you'll get free access to the ELM Guide and its numerous resources by keeping your organization's profile updated**.

2 Each data point collected about your organization has an expiration date. You'll continue to have free access to the ELM Guide as long as the data within your organization's profile has not expired.