Solutions for Supply Chain Management

Elm Analytics uses start-of-the-art technology to gather and curate a database of global automotive manufacturing facilities. The integration of our database with your internal data provides the analytic leverage critical to intelligent supply chain risk management.

Delivering Value Through Insight

  • Visibility into multi-tier participants along the supply chain
  • Predictive analytics that size up supplier & customer strength
  • Understanding the regional context of a supplier or customer by reviewing the weather, geography, education of the surrounding population, and infrastructure

Numerus™ Enterprise

Customizable solutions tailored to the specific needs of a company managing the risk and opportunities in their supply chain. Numerus™ uses state-of-the-art technology to gather data for tens of thousands of global automotive facilities and integrate it with a company‚Äôs internal data to provide the analytic leverage for intelligent risk and opportunity assessment, ongoing monitoring, and proactive supply disruption capability. Learn more about Numerus Enterprise »

Numerus ™ Process

  • Standardized data collection from suppliers and customers
  • Fusion of internal and external data for holistic view of supplier and customer risk
  • Differential tracking and monitoring of marginal and high-risk suppliers and customers
  • Accurate geo-coding to create valuable mapping of supplier and customer facilities, and relevant weather events

Numerus™ Results

  • Early warning of supplier and customer weakness
  • Continuous improvement of quality and scope of business intelligence of supplier and customer data
  • Visibility to suppliers and customers in the automotive industry for benchmarking and alternate sourcing
  • Accurate mapping capability for location of weather and event patterns
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