Numerus Premium

An advanced web-based solution for companies needing to actively manage and monitor their direct and indirect supply networks.

Numerus Premium

Numerus Premium is ideal for companies needing to actively manage and monitor their direct and indirect supply networks.

Unleash the Full Power of ListBuilder

With a premium subscription, you have unrestricted use of our powerful List Builder interface, providing the means to create, maintain, and monitor lists of suppliers. Facilities can be added to lists via upload of an XLS worksheet, the redirection of Entity Search results or selection of individual companies at various points in the system.

Powerful Diagnostics

Diagnostic features support address cleansing, mapping, environmental monitoring, and custom views.

Create Related Lists in One Click

Numerus includes a proprietary List Transformation™ feature that allows the user to use an existing list as the starting point for a complex, pre-defined query. Transformations generally use the underlying Numerus data to derive a new list that would be extremely difficult for the user to describe.

What You Get

A Numerus Premium subscription includes everything from the basic subscription - plus the following:

  • Use our powerful ListBuilder tool to manage an unlimited number of custom lists
  • Export your search results or lists to Microsoft Excel™. A single export can include information on up to 2,500 companies
  • Create customizable data views in Search and ListBuilder
  • Use ListBuilder Transformations to reveal additional information about the companies in a list
  • View historical data on companies
  • View advanced information about a company's suppliers, customers, and other geographic market information

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