Elm Analytics

The Elm Analytics Numerus platform is the largest online database of automotive related information.

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Numerus on any device

Automotive Facility Profiles

Numerus™ is a web-based service containing informative profiles for thousands of international and domestic automotive-related companies and facilities. Easily searchable by a user looking to gain insight into a single company, or many companies.

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Online Subscription to Automotive Industry Data

Sourcing a part, process, or material? Determining the best location for a plant? Numerus™ is a web-based service that gives visibility to detailed profiles for tens of thousands of automotive-related companies and facilities in the United States, and globally. Easily searchable by a user to help answer the simple and complex questions critical to strategic purchasing risk and opportunity assessment.

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Supply Chain Risk Management

Customizable solution tailored to the specific needs of a company managing the risk and opportunities in their supply chain. Numerus™ uses state-of-the-art technology to gather data on global manufacturing facilities and integrate it with a company’s internal data to provide the analytic leverage for intelligent risk and opportunity assessment, ongoing monitoring, and proactive supply disruption capability.

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Own or Manage a Supplier to the Automotive Industry?

Increase the visibility of your company to the automotive industry by adding your company to Numerus™ - our catalog of global automotive facilities.

When you add or update your company profile in Numerus™, you will receive complimentary services and reports.